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Signal Flow

The following tries to demonstrate how the signal flows from the sound source, e.g. Synthesizer into the mixing desk, through the mixing desk via EQ, etc, to the tape machine, and back again.

Mixing Desk
Input - e.g. Synthesizers, Drum Machines, Microphones, etc. Get plugged into the input section.
Insert Point - e.g. Send & Return for dynamic effects units such as compressor's, noise gates, etc.
EQ Section - e.g. Changes the harmonics and the tone of the signal. At the EQ section.
Solo Channel - eg. Overrides' all other functions and listen's to the signal at this point on the desk.
Auxiliary Channel Send - e.g. Sends the signal to the auxiliary master.
Channel Fader - e.g. Controls the channels level going to tape.
Tape Assign Section - e.g. Assigns specific channels on the desk to specific channels on the tape machine.

Tape Machine
Tape In - e.g. Signal going into the tape machine.
Tape Out - e.g. Signal coming out of the tape machine.

Mixing Desk
Tape Return Button - e.g. Visually monitor the signal coming back from the tape machine.
Monitor EQ - e.g. EQ the signal in the monitor section, for monitoring purposes, etc.
Monitor Fader - e.g. Monitor the signal coming back from the tape machine.
Left & Right Main - e.g. Controls the overall level going to the 2 track mastering device.

*The insert point allows a dynamic signal processor directly into the channel.




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