The Audio Production Suite -


Computer Equipment
Acer 5630 Laptop with MIDI interface
Amacrox Spider Case with Soundproofing Custom Build, SoundBlaster Live!
Carillon Custom Built PC System

Fractal Design Define R2 Computer Case, with custom Acousti SoundProofing, MSI K9VGM-V (MS-7253) Motherboard with custom Heatsinks on Chipset and MOSFETS, etc., 2x Fractal Design 1200mm Case Fans, AMD 64 3200+ x2 CPU, with CPU Mate Tower Cooler, 2GB DDR2 533MHz RAM, Soundblaster Live Audigy ZS Platinum Ex with Breakout Box, 24x DVDRW, 3.25" Multimedia Card Reader, VCool 480Watt PSU.

HTPC Custom Built PC System, with custom Acousti SoundProofing, MSI Motherboard with custom Heatsinks on Chipsets and MOSFETS, etc., ATi 200 Graphics, AMD 64 3200+ CPU, AMD Heatsink and Fan Cooler, 500GB SATA II HDD, 1.5GB DDR RAM with Heatspreaders, Soundblaster Live with custom Heatsink on EMU10K1 Chipset, 24x DVDRW, 3.25" Floppy Disk Drive and Multimedia Card Reader.

Keyboards and Synthesizers
Commodore MK-10 MIDI Controller Keyboard
Evolution MK-125 MIDI Controller Keyboard
Evolution MK-149 MIDI Controller Keyboard
Korg MicroKorg Synthesizer
M-Audio Ozone Controller Keyboard
Novation Bass Station Synthesizer
WOC-125 1970's Mini Electronic Organ
Yamaha DJX II Keyboard
Yamaha PSR-6 Keyboard

Sound Modules and Samplers
Casio CSM-1 Sound Module
FAT FreeBass FB-383 Sound Module x2
Kawai K1R Sound Module
Kawai K4R Sound Module
Novation A-Station Sound Module
Peavey SP Sample Playback Synthesizer
Peavey SXII Digital Sample Expander
Quasimidi Technox Sound Module
Roland CM32L Sound Module
Roland MC-303 GrooveBox
Roland U-110 Sound Module with Latin and FX Percussion, Sound Effects, Guitar and Keyboard Expansion Cards
Yamaha DJX-IIB Sound Module x2
Yamaha EMT-10 Sound Module
Yamaha FB01 Sound Module
Yamaha SU-10 Desktop Sampler
Yamaha QX7 Digital Sequence Recorder

Effects and Processing
ART Multiverb LT Multi-FX Processor
Behringer Composer MDX-2100
Behringer Ultra Bass Pro Subharmonic Processor
Behringer MIC-100 Ultragain Vacuum Tube Preamplifier with Limiter
Behringer MINIFEX FEX800 24-Bit Stereo Multi-FX Processor
Behringer PX-2000 Patchbay x2
Behringer Shark DSP-110
Digisynthetic DS226 Digital Speaker Processor
Joe Meek MQ-1Mic Pre Amp and Recording Interface x2
XIX Nineteen ME1903 Multi-Effect Processor
Yamaha FX500 Simul-Effect Processor
Zoom 1201 Multi-FX Processor
Zoom 1204 Multi-FX Processor
Zoom RFX-1000 Multi-FX Processor
Zoom 9001 Muilti-FX Processor

Alesis MultiMix 16 with Firewire Interface
M-Audio Midisport 8x8/S MIDI Interface
Numark DM900 ‘Bluedog’ DJ Mixer
Stanton STR8-30 Turntables x2 with Stanton 500 Carts and Stylus
Thud Rumble Butter Rug Slipmats

Alesis A-DAT Blackface 8 Track Digital Recorder
Behringer U-Control UCA202
Blue Microphones Snowball Condenser USB Microphone
Clip On Line-in Microphone
Cowon iAudio A2 20GB Player/Recorder
Dynamic Microphone
iRiver iFP-380 - 128MB MP3 Player/Recorder
iRiver iHP-140 - 40GB MP3/Wav Player/recorder
M-Audio Aries Condenser Microphone
Orelle DA-180 DAC Convertor
Revox A-77 1/4" Reel to Reel Recorder
Samson C01 Condenser Microphone
Samson Spider Shockmount Cradle
Samsung SMX-F30SP Digital Camcorder
Sanyo MP-101 Dynamic Microphone
Sharp MD-SR50 Minidisc Recorder

Drum Machines
Boss DR-202 Drum Machine
Boss DR-550 Drum Machine
Cheetah MD-16 Drum Machine
Yamaha DD55 Pro Drum Kit

19" IEC Power Distribution Unit
Alesis Monitor One Mk2 Active Monitors
APC SurgeArrest 5 Port Surge Strip
Arctic Cooling E352 Earphones
Arctic Cooling E361 Earphones
Belkin 12 Socket Surge Protected with 12x way Distribution Block
Black Rhodium Crystal Glass Fibre Optic Cable 1M
Black Rhodium Fusion Mains Cable with 4x way Distribution Block
Black Rhodium Fusion Power Cable 1.5M IEC x2
Boomgear SX-900 Earphones
CableJoG AudioJoG Rack Cable Tester
Cambridge Audio CT-50 Stereo Cassette Recorder
Custom Inline Filter
Ecosse ES2.3 Concentric Rope Lay Multi Stranded Loudspeaker Cable (UHP-OFC)
Eltax Digital Line 80 Speakers
Entech Wideband Noise Analyser Gold and Silver Plated Ceramic Fuses, Used in Majority of Equipment
Jamo SW-160 Subwoofer
JVC DD7 Cassette Recorder
Koss UR-30 Headphones
Leak Delta 30 Amplifier
Mitsubishi SA561-S Speakers
NAD 7125 Amplifier and Tuner
Pioneer SA-508 Amplifier
Pioneer TX-520L Tuner
QED IEC Mains Distribution Block
Richard Allan Subwoofer
Russ Andrews Yello Power Cable 1.5M IEC
Samson Servo 150 Amplifier
Sennheiser MX-300 Earphones
Skytronic 4-Way Speaker Selector
Spirit by Soundcraft Absolute Two's Nearfield Monitors
Spirit by Soundcraft Absolute Zero Nearfield Monitors
Switchcraft SC800 Instrument Direct Box
Tacima Mains Interference Conditioner and Surge Protector
TDK Stereo Outloud Wallet (NXT Flat Portable Speakers)
Technics SL-PG490 CD Player
Trust UPS Power Protector, RFI Filter, and Surge Protector Unit
Wharfedale Denton 2 Speakers
Wharfedale Laser Range 50 Speakers
X-mini Capsule Speaker 2nd Generation
X-mini Happy Capsule Speaker with built in SD/SDHC Card Slot
Yamaha CD-29 CD Player

Ableton Live Lite
Audiffex inTone Keys Pro
Edirol Virtual SoundCanvas
Evolution Music Creator
Cakewalk Sonar XL 2.0
Fxpansion GURU
Hip Hop Ejay
Mixman Pro Studio
MixMeister Studio 7
Pro Tools FREE
Propellerheads ReBirth RB-338 V.2.01
Revalver V2.0
Sony Acid XPress V5.0
Soundforge V5.0
Steinberg B.Box
Steinberg Cubasis VST 4.0
Steinberg Cubase LE 4
Sugar-Bytes Guitarist - All-in-One Guitar Studio
Toontrack Beat Station
XLN Audio Addictive Drums V1.5

4Front Mastering Bundle
4ormulator Basic
Acon Digital Media Effects Chainer
AIPL SpinCycle
AIPL WarmTone
AnalogX DC Offset
AnalogX Gate
AnalogX Phase
AnalogX Vocal Remover
Alien Solo
Anwida Soft DX Reverb Light
Audiffex Gallien-Krueger Amplifier Standard
Audiffex inTone Guitar Pro Effects
Barnum Preamp
Clone Ensemble V4.0 Pitchworks
Excitable Boy
Flip Speed
Izotope Ozone
Izotope Spectron
Izotope Trash
Izotope Vinyl
Metal Demon
NUSofting Prima Delay
Rob Papen RP Verb
Sick Puppy
SpinAudio 3D Panner Motion Effects 1.0
SpinAudio 3D Delays 1.1
SpinAudio 3D Chorus 1.2
SpinAudio RoomVerb M1 1.1
SpinAudio SpinDelay 2.0
SpinAudio FXDesigner 1.2
SpinAudio SpinEQ 1.0
Studio Devil Amp Modeler Pro
Studio Devil British Valve Custom
Studio Devil Virtual Bass Amp
Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp
Studio Devil Virtual Guitar Amp II
Trash Triode
Water Glass

VST Instruments
4Front Truepiano with Emerald Expansion
Easy Guitar
MusicLab Real Strat
NUSofting DK+ Drums with Funk Equipment and Ethno Set
Rob Papen Predator
SFX Machine Pro
Uno FM
Wusik Wusikstation V5 Full

Sample Library
9 Soundware Beatbox
9 Soundware DJ Shiftee Extreme Turntablism
9 Soundware Mixer Feedback
9 Soundware Scratch
F7 Sound and Vision Concept FX
Acid Techno Elements
Best Service PC Dance Tools
Classic Drum Machines
Creative Essentials Techno Prisoners
D16 Group - Plasticlicks Drum Sounds Collection
Data Becker Classical and New Age
Data Becker Dance
Data Becker Hip Hop
Data Becker House
Data Becker Rock/Pop
Data Becker Special FX
Data Becker Techno
Data Becker Vocals
EastWest Prosamples 5 Dance/Industrial
Electro City Loops
E-MU Module Mania Hip Hop
E-MU Module Mania Orchestral Instruments
E-MU Module Mania Vintage Instruments
E-MU Module Mania World Instruments
Essential Combat and Disaster Sound Effects
FatLoud Club Synth
FatLoud Digital Beats Vol 1
FatLoud Flow
FatLoud Hip Hop Construction King 2
FatLoud Inda club
FatLoud Modern Sessions
FatLoud Pro Series Urban Synth
FatLoud Pro Series Urban Orchestra
Fun with 100 Sound Effects
Funky and Electro House Samples 2
Hard House Samples
Hitsound Old Gold Synth
Ilio Demo
Jungle Warfare
Loopmasters Cult Club Synths
Loopmasters Drum and Bass Collective Full Cycle
Loopmasters Electro Breaks
Loopmasters House Generation Marshall Jefferson
Masterbits Sampling Collection 600
Masterbits Volume 1 Vocals
Northstar Productions
Prime Loops Analogue Overdose
Prime Loops Drum N Bass Foundations
Prime Loops Human Beatbox
Prime Loops Nitro-Remix Synths
Prime Loops Progressive Synthesis
Prime Loops Synth Addict
Prime Sounds Sounds and Cycles
Prosonics Mega Beats
Q Up Arts Voices of the Aztecs
Q Up Arts Psychic Horns
Sampladelica The Roots of Paul Oakenfold
Sample Magic Around The World in 80 Raves
Sample Magic Minimal Techno
Simon Harris Beats, Breaks and Scratches Volume 9
SoundBurst Polysix Anthology
SoundBurst Techno Lab
Sound Ideas Series XV Sound Effects
Spectrasonics Demo
Studio Cutz Music Library
The Mix Analogue Synths II
The Mix Bass Vol 7
The Mix Celebrity Synths
The Mix Guitar Effects II
The Mix Horns Vol 15
The Mix Remix Special
The Mix Rock Drums Vol 4
The Mix Roland V-Drums
The Mix Sound Factory
Tweaker Dance Styles
Tweaker Various Styles
Tweaker Various Styles 2
Wave It Gold
Wired On Drum N Bass
Zenhiser Stabs and Synth Hits Multi Pack
Zero G 2003
Zero G Sampler

Alan Parsons Sound Check 2 CD
How To DJ Properly
MIM (Music Industry Manual) 2003-2004
MIM (Music Industry Manual) 2004-2005
Modern Recording Techniques 7th Edition
Sonar Power

Safety Equipment
10Kg CO2 Fire Extinguisher
Fire Blanket
First Aid Kit

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